Cambodia Community Development & CAWST


Key Partners Cambodia Ministry of Rural Development,Centre for Affordable Water and Santiation (Canada) BenefittingDirectly: 31,688Indirectly: 80,983

Photo: CWS Cambodia staff member, Nao Sok

Key Partners

Cambodia Ministry of Rural Development,
Centre for Affordable Water and Santiation (Canada)


Directly: 31,688
Indirectly: 80,983

Despite decades of peace and some development progress following a time of devastating civil war, many poor rural Cambodians still lack adequate food, safe water, sanitation and hygiene as well as basic education and healthcare.

By working in remote areas where government services are inadequate, CWS has a great opportunity to help many poor people address their basic needs and attain their basic rights. Through our integrated community development initiatives and the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Training Resources Center that supports these initiatives, CWS and our partners facilitate comprehensive support to people so they can improve their lives.

Our community development work engages local government representatives, community leaders, teachers and health care workers, partner organizations and families in identifying and addressing issues such as poor health and nutrition, and little or no access to safe water for farming, drinking and better hygiene at home. Low quality and inaccessible education, and these other challenges are then addressed community by community, matching local resources with ours that, when combined, help make improvement that last.

With their distinctive expertise, the CWS Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Training Resources Center team are advocates for clean water and good hygiene practices in rural Cambodia, where around three out of four people still lack access to clean drinking water. Through education and training, parents, for example, come to realize the negative effect of unhygienic behavior and practices at home on health, especially their children’s health. As a direct result of our work in the past year alone – many Cambodians now regularly drink clean water, routinely wash their hands with soap and have built and use sanitary latrines.