Water Supply Project

Myanmar (Burma) Hpayarthonesu Sub-township, Kayin State

Key PartnersJapan ForumBenefitting1,289 people (49% male, 51% female)

Key Partners

Japan Forum Platform


1,289 people (49% male, 51% female)

As national government and local leaders anticipate a significant number of refugees and internally displaced persons returning to remote southeast Myanmar (Burma), where there is almost no basic infrastructure, CWS has worked with The Japan Platform in the past year to improve access to clean, safe water in areas of return in order to lessen the burden, especially for women and children, of collecting water from distant streams. In the past year, besides ensuring water for drinking, cooking, gardening and household upkeep, a close and plentiful water supply has made it possible for families to improve their personal hygiene, too, which is further helpful in improving overall health and well-being.