Emergency Response

United States

Photo: Joel Edwards/Project Hope Charities

Photo: Joel Edwards/Project Hope Charities

The CWS U.S. Emergency Response Program helps communities recover following fierce storms, floods, fires and other disasters. Our staff provide training and education for local faith-based responders in disaster preparation, mitigation, response and long-term recovery. We often work in close partnership with CWS member denominations and communions and a mature network of disaster response professionals across the U.S., always with a focus on reaching the most vulnerable survivors.

When multiple large storm systems tore through the United States in April and May, CWS responded immediately. We offered CWS Kits and Blankets and helped keep CWS member communions up to date on areas of impact and need. CWS Kits speak to the immediate needs of disaster survivors for basic hygiene, supplies for children returning to school, families cleaning the basement after the waters recede and helping to meet the most essential needs for young mothers and babies. As longer-term recovery efforts unfolded, CWS was there to provide training and accompaniment to local long-term recovery organizations in the affected areas.

Volunteers make and assemble CWS Kits. More than 8,000 congregations hold CWS Blankets events to help meet the needs of their neighbors after the unthinkable happens — in a concrete way, every disaster survivor we work with is supported by caring communities from around the U.S.