Food Security in Central America

Photo: Alex Morse/ Foods Resource Bank

Photo: Alex Morse/ Foods Resource Bank

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Directly: 131 communities, 10,716 households, 53,618 individuals

The journey towards a zero hunger generation is alive in Central America despite significant challenges like weak governance and epidemic levels of crime and violence. Climate change hits vulnerable families hard and each community has different hurdles to face on the road to food security.

For some communities, constructing a greenhouse and seed bank means fresh and healthy produce year-round; for others, the building of a new gravity-fed water source helps ensure crops may grow and children have safe water to drink. In all cases, equipping and accompanying communities to demand and defend their rights is a must. We engage as community partners, with a focus on empowering women leaders and a deep respect for local culture – all hallmarks of CWS work in the region. When sustainable family agriculture is supported, families’ nutrition, local economies and the health of communities all flourish.