Vulnerable Children in Latin America

Photo: Don Tatlock

Photo: Don Tatlock

Key Partners



Directly: 10,000 vulnerable children served by CWS- supported community-based agencies
Indirectly: 2,000,000 (children with incarcerated parents in LAC)

Working in collaboration with our local partners while listening and learning from the children, youth, families and communities themselves, we are helping to create more protective environments for vulnerable children and youth across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Currently, around 2 million children in the region have one or both parents incarcerated. They and their primary caregivers — mostly women — continue to face in silence and loneliness a unique combination of shame, stigma and trauma that hinder their health and development. Our goal is to raise awareness and advocate for programs that support children of incarcerated parents and their families, bringing together stakeholders from academia, children’s rights experts and prison and justice reform specialists.

CWS is the only U.S. based agency working with and supporting initiatives around this issue and taking a stand for these children in the region.