Look to the Future

By Donna Derr
Executive Director, CROP

Photo: Paul Jeffrey

Photo: Paul Jeffrey

CWS enjoys the benefit of dedicated humanitarian and development professionals across Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and Europe, Southeast Asia and Japan. At the same time, we also are fortunate to have community-level staff in the U.S. who connect with our U.S. grassroots base who join us in shaping a better world through our programs.

Over the next year we will explore how to increase the connection between our humanitarian and development work and those who join with us to make it possible. This will be a particular focus in the U.S., where CROP Hunger Walk participants and congregations will be offered more intentional opportunities to connect with and support CWS programs.

Our goal is to maximize the impact made possible by donors and advocates. We will build upon the major strides we have made as a global community in combating hunger, extreme poverty and injustice through efforts at achieving successes with the Millennium Development Goals. We remain committed to the vision that undergirds our work — “eradicating hunger and poverty and promoting peace and justice.”