School Safe Zones

Kenya, Burundi, Mozambique, Liberia

Photo: Joel Cooper/CWS

Photo: Joel Cooper/CWS

Key Partners

Ministry of Education – Kenya, Burundi, Mozambique


Directly: In Kenya: 3,500 students benefited from classroom renovations and dormitory facilities. 1,500 students reached through improvement of water and sanitation facilities. 35,000 persons comprising students, teachers and school committees were reached through advocacy and training.
In Mozambique: 520 adolescent girls received life skills training organized through after-school clubs that motivated them to attend school.

The School Safe Zones Program is a multi-stakeholder initiative that involves collaboration with regional governments, non-profits, the private sector and school communities, all working to enhance children’s access to quality education.

CWS, through collaboration with Kenyan Ministry of Education is helping schools to form strategies that enable them to access resources, addressing factors that promote safe and attractive school environments.

The School Safety Standards Manual created with the Kenyan Ministry of Education helps provide fundamental guidelines that can ensure school programs and facilities address the specific needs of students.

Students, teachers, school committees and parents all interact with the program and are mainly reached through advocacy efforts covering school safety. They are also affected by improvement of the school environment, including classrooms, school bathrooms and water systems.

In Mozambique CWS is helping address the high drop-out rate of girls in school through a mentorship and life skills training program. Also in Burundi, the School Safe Zones Program has been working with the Ministry of Education to provide support to 10 schools in the eastern border region. The program has upgraded school infrastructure, improved teacher performance and provided support to the most vulnerable students. Altogether, 6,600 persons (students, teachers and school committees) have been reached in Cenkuzo and Ruyigi provinces.