Water for life

Kenya, Tanzania

Photo: David

Photo: David Mutua

Key Partners

Farming Systems Kenya, YANG’AT, ACK Diocese of Kitui and ADS North Rift Region

Water is and will be the most valuable resource of the 21st century. Our world is being continually fraught by a lack of water in some areas, and deluges in others. Arid communities throughout sub-Saharan Africa are at once starved for access to clean water, and at other times fearful of the devastation brought by flash floods.

The Water for Life program works with communities to harness the life-giving power of water. CWS staff work with local partners to build water pans, sand dams, shallow wells, rock catchments and a host of other systems to utilize both rain and underground water sources. Communities also partner with CWS to learn more about conservation, so that this most valuable resource will be there for our children and grandchildren.

Another key component of the Water for Life Program is ensuring that environmental education and sustainability are at the crux of water utilization at the local level. Communities are empowered to use water resources in a way that keeps crops growing year after year.

The Water for Life Program operates in five counties in Kenya and Tanzania. This year, new projects began with local partners at all Water for Life sites in Kenya. The program has been supported by significant assistance from local partners, who will be implementing the projects in the areas of Kitui, West Pokot, Baringo, and Turkana counties into 2016.