Livelihoods for Urban & Rural Refugee Populations

Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa

Photo: Carol Fouke

Photo: Carol Fouke


109 participants total
81 refugees and 28 host country participants
at least 482 total persons impacted in participants’ households

In 2014 and 2015 CWS has undertaken the Urban Refugee Self-Reliance pilot project in Tanzania, Rwanda and South Africa to assist urban refugees and local communities with access to business and employment opportunities. Primarily, the pilot seeks to enhance integration of urban refugees with local communities.

CWS has intensified case management and employer outreach activities across all locations and has allowed both urban refugees and locals to access services provided during case management. By focusing on both supply and demand of refugee labor, the pilot project has facilitated and strengthened interactions between urban refugees and their host communities in ways that are mutually beneficial and reinforce positive relationships.

The introductory orientation workshops conducted across all pilot locations brought together urban refugees and locals, encouraging social cohesion by diffusing tensions, especially in South Africa where xenophobic attacks against refugees have occurred.