Cuban Haitian Entrant Program (CHEP)

Miami, Florida, United States

Photo: CWS Archive

The CWS Miami office began work in 1960, just a year after Fidel Castro marched into Havana. The office was initially established as a temporary mission helping those fleeing from the Caribbean and arriving in South Florida. The work continues today throughout Southern Florida where CWS staff assist refugees not just from Cuba, but from around the world. Photo: CWS Archive

Key Partners

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services


In Calendar Year 2014: -7,086 individuals served via Resettlement & Parolee Orientation Program
-1,833 Resettled
-5,253 through Parolee Orientation Program
In Calendar Year 2015 (as of July 31):
-4,439 individuals served via Resettlement & Parolee Orientation Program
-1,190 Resettled
– 3,249 through Parolee Orientation Program

The CWS Cuban Haitian Entrant Program provides structured reception, processing and resettlement services to Cuban and Haitian clients in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Cooperative Agreement with minimal impact on local communities. For the 10th year in a row, we have helped more that 95 percent of all our Cuban and Haitian clients to become fully independent and self-supporting after their first 180 days in the United States.

The Cuban Haitian Entrant Program has two distinct components. The first focuses on resettlement services; providing reception, processing and relocation for qualifying Cuban and Haitian nationals.

The second component is the Parolee Orientation Program, which provides orientation services and assistance. The program assists in processing employment authorization documents, referrals to the Department of Health and to Resettlement Agencies for the Matching Grant Program, and other services as necessary to Cuban parolees arriving in Miami who do not otherwise qualify for resettlement services. Starting in the fall of 2015, Haitian nationals arriving through the Haitian Family Reunification Program will also be receiving these services.

CWS continues to provide primary and secondary resettlement services to Cuban and Haitian entrants who were paroled or released on their own recognizance from Department of Homeland Security custody, or who were paroled into the United States through the Cuban Family Reunification Program or the Special Cuban Migration Program.