Ecumenical Relations & Church Sponsorship of Refugee Resettlement

Faith community partnerships help to meet the social, and material, needs of newly arriving refugees. This effort works alongside CWS member communions to promote opportunities for congregations to accompany refugees, helping them to integrate well into their new U.S. communities. The contacts that new arrivals have with their new host community are important steps on the road to integration. Volunteers act as guides, advocates and friends to help refugee families become self-sufficient and integrate.

The relationships established with local congregations can have both short- and long-term benefits for affiliates. Faith communities are often well established and have access to networks of resources. Strong ties with local faith partners and other local institutions can be a benefit long term for fundraising and other types of vital community outreach and development work.

Key Partners

United Methodist Church, United Church of Christ, American Baptist Churches (USA), Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Christian Reformed Church, Reformed Church of America, Presbyterian Church (USA)