Job Training & Skills Development – Self Sufficiency Training

When CWS began working with resettled refugees, the world was just emerging from the Second World War, and the environment that greeted newcomers in the United States looked very different than it does today. In 2015, refugees being resettled to the United States must learn how to cope with a culture and often a work environment that is completely foreign to them, combined with the challenge of learning a new language. Yet still, with untold resilience, refugee families integrate into the fabric of U.S. communities and find jobs that start them on the road to self-sufficiency.

Refugee resettlement is successful in part because it can leverage the strength of communities. Every dollar that is raised by a CWS affiliate office is matched by the United States Refugee Admissions Program, including in-kind gifts of furniture, supplies for newcomers and volunteer time. This dual nature of assisting refugees and integrating them into the community quickly provides for lasting support within neighborhoods and permits offices to assist even more individuals.

We believe that one of the best ways for newcomers to integrate into their new communities is through gainful employment. Starting a job provides an arriving refugee with opportunities to learn English, provide for their family, give back to the local community through paying taxes, and make friendships that all contribute to further integration into life in the United States. Refugees arriving in many cities across the United States also provide an entrepreneurial and economic drive that can rejuvenate entire communities and businesses.

Refugee resettlement highlights the best part of local generosity and characterizes the essence of the United States as a nation built by immigrants and a safe haven for all those who are persecuted.


2,675 individuals received training