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Photo: CWS

Photo: CWS

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Over 15,500 individuals received various types of humanitarian based immigration assistance

CWS legal services programs help refugees and immigrants in their final steps to becoming full U.S. citizens. Our lawyers and Board of Immigration Appeals-accredited representatives work in more than 20 states across the U.S. and assist thousands of undocumented individuals and refugees to apply for green cards, citizenship and other forms of relief.

When refugees arrive in the United States, they are eligible within five years for citizenship. The experience of becoming a citizen is always a momentous and emotional occasion for refugees, who have been forced to flee their home countries and now are becoming full members of a new nation. Fleeing war and persecution, refugees now find peace, safety and acceptance in the United States, integrating into the fabric of local communities and in turn giving back to their neighbors who first welcomed them.

Our lawyers not only assist in this process, but also advise both refugees and undocumented immigrants of their rights under U.S. immigration law.